Hysteroscopy means "viewing the uterine cavity" with a hysteroscope, which is an optical device. The physician evaluates the shape of uterine cavity, ostium of fallopian tubes and endometrium during the examination and can collect a mucosa sample for histological examination at the same time.

Indication of hysteroscopy includes the following cases:

  • suspected adhesions, myomas, polyps, foreign bodies
  • repeated abnormal uterine bleeding
  • recurrent miscarriages
  • problems with conception
  • optical evaluation of findings in neoplasms of uterine corpus or cervix

The physician can during the examination:

  • remove polyps
  • remove adhesions
  • remove myomas
  • treat uterine septum in the partition of uterine cavity
  • locate and remove foreign bodies (such as intrauterine device)